Our New N Scale Layout is Coming Together. 

Updates on the new N Scale layout.


N-Scale Car Donation

N Scale Donation


More progress. Backdrop in place, track and switches laid and buss and track feeders soldered in.

N Scale Backdrop in Place



Roadbed was nailed and caulked to the Homosate top.N3N4 


After it was tested to make sure it was firmly attached to the tabletop the roadbed was smoothed down with a rasp and painted. Trackwork was then started with all the track being dry installed starting with the switches, N6the switches are spiked to the roadbed and then track was laid and spiked. 




The area was renovated with new paint, lighting and electrical.

  Plans were drawn up in AnyRail software and a budget was agreed on.  The old N scale layout was dismantled and as many parts as possible were saved. 


The Anyrail plan and budget. 


Bench work was installed. 


A Plywood Bench Top was applied and than covered with painted Homasote. 


The back drop made from aluminum was installed and then painted sky blue.