Elkhart Model Railroad Club History

The Elkhart Model Railroad Club was chartered on April 11, 1950. The original purpose of the club was to be a social organization that would promote the hobby of model railroading and embracing the concept that model railroading is fun. Over sixty-eight years later   that same founding principle remains our foundation.EMRRC 1950 1 Rocky River Module FrameEMRRC Warren Vaness 2 Frame

Originally a loose-knit round-robin group, the early members of the club       worked on small portable layouts of what was dubbed The Rocky River       Line. These portable layouts would be displayed in public venues throughout   the area, generating interest in the club. As club membership grew, so did       the desire for a home for a permanent layout.

This picture shows three original members of the Elkhart Model Railroad Club at a local school in 1950 showing a Rocky River Line Module. The fellow in the middle is founding member Bob Mangum who was active in the club for over 25 years.  here's a picture of Bob at a meeting in the 1970's. Bob is a pretty good builder. He built the trestle. shown lower left, in the early 70s and it's still in use today.  It shows up in several pictures and videos on our  website.


Rocky River


 A Rocky River Line portable layout and display at a local school in the early 50s








These early visionaries generated enough capital (some through taking out a second mortgage on their own home) to purchase a parcel of land on the south side of Elkhart. This parcel of land was divided into lots that were sold to be built upon. This revenue was used to repay investors and finance the construction of the  club’s building. The building was opened in 1951 and a layout was started in 1952. In 1958 an addition to the building tripled the club’s size, bringing it to its current configuration. 







Members April 1951

EMRRC Building 2017 Frame


 Everybody belonged to the NMRA in 1951





























   EMRRC building as it stands in 2017.  The building   is just over 1700 sq. ft. with large HO scale and N scale   layouts.  The building includes a lounge/meeting area with   kitchen, layout rooms, a computer area with an   extension of the HO layout affectionately known as   Flushing because trackage runs through the restroom.   The building has LED lighting and  is heated and airconditioned  throughout.







  As the 1950’s ended. two major events happened that would affect the club even into present day. The HO division of the E&W was expanded in 1958Building Expansion 1958 as the building was remodeled to accommodate the expanding railroad. Building Expansion 1958 2Building Fund 1958 2



Many members paid extra monthly to help pay for the expansion project. Those same members helped in the construction and expansion of the facility over the years.Config Past









Much of the configuration seen in old club photographs still exists today, as does some of the hand laid nickel silver track. In the early days of the club the 'pike' was controlled using a block system. This system relied on a lot of blood, sweat and tears along with DTDP switches and a nightmare of wiring to control trains. 

Board Control

 The system was originally designed in the early 1950s and added to and modified up till 2002 when the entire electrical system was torn out and a new DCC was wired into the layout. Today both the N-Scale and HO-Scale layouts are DCC controlled using the DigiTrax system with JMRI which allows many members to control their trains with their cell phones,  tablets or other digital device .Cell Phone

The other event that happened at the enCharles Hammesd of the 50s was the torch was passed to a man who would become an icon of The Elkhart Model Railroad Club for decades to come. In February of 1959, Charlie Hammes became a member of the club, and for the next four decades Charlie, often single-handedly, kept the club solvent and open. Charlie was a member of the club till his death in 2006. Charlie was a Crew Supervisor for NIPSCO for 35 years before he retired in 1983. He was a Veteran of the United States Army, serving his country proudly during WW II. Charlie was an experienced electrician and because of this experience he was able to build, wire and maintain most of the electronics that it took to run a large HO scale layout. 

In September 1964 the club hosted the North Central and Midwest Region National Model Railroad Association Convention. Hobby pioneer William Walthers was among the 200+ visitors to the club layout during the convention. Bill Walthers at EMRRC 1

In the early 1970’s the club’s membership rocketed to an all-time high of 35 members. A portion of these members embraced the evolving nature of the hobby and dedicated a portion of the clubhouse for a permanent N scale layout. Our club led the charge for N scale to be considered a viable, operational modeling option. A large portion of our present membership enjoys the continuation of this idea. In October of 1978, the club once again hosted The Regional NMRA Convention, which was attended by over 300 people.

The early 1980’s saw a drastic decline in membership. There was a prolonged period of time when the roster consisted of just two members Charlie Hammes and Jim Stafford. These two men weathered the storm, and were rewarded for their faithfulness with an increase in membership and enthusiasm at the Elkhart Model Railroad Club. By the beginning of the 1990s membership began to grow again and new members brought new life to the club.  More track was added and replaced.  A double track mainline was added to a major portion of the layout and new industries and spurs were added.  Over 1000' of mainline and another 750' of spurs, yards and connecting railroads run through the building. Even the restroom affectionally known as the flushing branch has track running through it.  Buildings and structures were replaced or upgraded and added too. Many of the buildings have lighting inside and out.  As the turn of a new century occurred more and more technical changes were made.  The entire block wiring system was torn out and a new DigiTrax DCC system was installed. DCS200w


The system has 4 DCS200 8 amp Command Station/Boostermain units and 1 DCS100 5 amp combination DCC Command Station & Booster. The switches are a combination of Tortise switch machines and switch stands. Charlie Hammes was still at it, and was a major contributor to the new wiring installed for the system. 



As the years progressed through the new century, improvements to the building happened periodically.  New LED lighting was installed throughout the building. A new kitchen and restroom were installed. The old outside storage shed was replaced with a new larger shed. City water was brought into the building. A new septic system was installed. The front lounge was converted into an N scale layout and in the first half of 2018 a new N-Scale layout nears completion.  Major structural changes were made opening up the entire front area to the rest of the layout. The Elkhart Model Railroad Club has a new website online and is addressing social marketing needs more and more through Facebook and Google. Clinics and field trips are now a once a month occurrence for all members to further their knowledge in model railroading. Maintenance of our large HO and N-scale layouts are Maintenanceongoing. We are now open on Tuesday nights for maintenance only sessions. The local neighborhood was undergoing changes as it was annexed into the city of Elkhart, which means a new sewer system will be coming in the future. 

In Train Show42004 "The Nappanee Train Show" was born and would continue every spring for the next 13 years. Train ShowMembership has been increasing and at the end of 2017, the club has over 25 members.


As with all new advances, new challenges would also occur.  The new sewer hookup will be a major expense for the club. Technology marches along at a tremendous rate in model railroading. Major decisions have to be made every year as to which technology needs to be changed and updated usually with major budget concerns.  "The Nappanee Train Show had to be canceled for 2018 as the building we rented was sold and the club was unable to rent a new building in time for the show.  The show will continue in 2019 at a new location in the Nappanee area. 

As the club moves through the years some updates need to be added.


In 2019 EMRRC has some major events that need to be added to the clubs legacy. Stan Shatto one of our lifetime members passed at the end of 2018. Stan left his mark on the club with his scenery work and overall craftsmanship and knowledge of the club and model railroading. One of Stan's final projects was the Chateau Paper complex which encompassed a large area on the layout and is about 90% complete. Stan will be sorely missed by the club. Stan's family had a remembrance for Stan at the club in July. Here is a link to that remembrance and a link to his club obituary. Also in 2019 EMRRC was able to continue our annual Nappanee Train Show after acquiring a new venue to hold the show at.  The show was a great success with a huge crowd, lots of vendors and a great facility to have the show at. Here's a link to some more info on the show. We also replaced the computer system at the club with a new system built by member Matt Glassman 

EMRRC has faced its ups and downs, has shifted with the ever-changing technology and evolved into its present version. Over the years some of the faces and names have been lost to the ages, Gary Berkey Orig N Scalebut not forgotten. EMRRC with its long heritage of model railroading continues to carry the torch of promoting the hobby and embracing the concept that model railroading is fun.