This section provides tech files, tips, tricks and general information about model railroading gathered by the members of EMRRC, the Elkhart Model Railroad Club. (click on the pictures to link to an article)


  • Powdered Ballast Glue Process from Lance Mindheim

LM Weld


  • A detailed guide into building a durable and relieable static grass applicator.

 Static Grass


  • "What's Neat in Model Railroading". Tips from Model Railroad Hobbiest posted by Paul Ewing

  Whats Neat in MR


  • Backdrop Painting with "Jumping" Jay Freet







  • A nice group of photos showing weathered rolling stock by artist & corrosionist mellowmike  Weathered rolling stock.


  • Here's a tip from member Paul Ewing, if you're tired of trying to find coupler springs that have flown across the room.

Restraining Springs


  •  Long time member Stan Shatto shows you how to save  money and build storage tanks and water towers out of PVC.



  • This is not our tip but it's a good one. Tom Bacarella, Janek Bringle, and Chris Palomarez of Athearn Trains demonstrate how to remove numbers, hearlds and lettering from boxcars and engines. Thanks to Rod1208 on the Southern Pacific Modeler's Forum for this technique with the paper towels & MicroSol. Ryan M-Mart pioneered this technique long ago with Micro-Sol, but without the towels which make a huge difference!  Here you go give it a try.