This section provides tech files, tips, tricks, and general information about model railroading gathered by the members of EMRRC, the Elkhart Model Railroad Club. (click on the link or picture to link to an article)


3052021 Meeting Pipe Load1





Ben Brubaker's Blog on "Concrete Sewer Pipe Load in a Weekend".

A great little article on a gondola load that's quick and easy.


Cover for Acrylic Painitng 







Guide to Acrylic Painting

A complete guide to acrylic paint substitutes for Floquil Paints by Model Railroad Hobbyist


Gon For Broke 

Take a simple kit that you can find cheaply, and make it into a worthy addition to a fleet of detailed models. You may have to join this group on to download the file.


A Paper Industry Essential

Modeling Sodium Chlorate Cars in HO. You may have to join this group on to download the file.


 Modeling With Paper Clinic?

Getting The Architectural Details Right.


Using Archer, MicroMark, and Harvested Rivets For Patterns and Models

Model Rivets For Modeling and Pattern Making including Harvested Rivets


Jay Freet BGs



Truss Rod







 bridge 1







 David Menges Circus26




 Belgian Blocks NScale








Furnace Filter Trees



Making miniature deciduous trees with Super Trees from MRH

Super Trees




Google Car Wunderland




LM Weld


 Static Grass


  Whats Neat in MR








Restraining Springs